How to select suitable evaporator for industrial water chiller?

The evaporator is an important part of the four refrigerating parts. The condensing “liquid” at low temperature will conduct heat exchange with the outside air through the evaporator, and the “gasfication” will absorb heat to achieve the cooling effect. It can be said that the advantages of various types and convenient operation of evaporator are widely used in chemical industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry and other industries, such as evaporation operations. So how should we choose the appropriate evaporator when producing chiller?

  1. The submerged evaporator of water tank is used in the open circulation system of non-volatile refrigerant. Closed circulation system cannot be used in the production process of ice making from brine ice pool, so this type of evaporator is the only desirable type. A water tank submerged evaporator can also be used for cooling or freezing packaged food in brine and cold water chiller refrigerating system of centralized spray-type air conditioning.
  2. Brine’s corrosion influence on ferrous metals is pretty strong. And when it comes into contact with air, it rusts more violently. Therefore, closed circulation should be adopted as far as possible when the production process allows, while it must be adopted for the circulating system of volatile carrier coolant. Under these two circumstances, closed shell and tube evaporator is the best choice for water chiller units.
  3. When industrial water chiller adopt water tank submerged or shell and tube evaporator, the working temperature of coolant should be about 5 ℃ higher than the refrigerant evaporation temperature, and the refrigerant freezing point should be lower than the refrigerant evaporation temperature 5 ~ 8 ℃ ( 5 ~ 6 ℃ for water immersion evaporator, 6 ~ 8 ℃for f shell and tube evaporator ).
  4. Selection of cooling pipe and air cooler: For the cold storage, the air cooler is usually used to increase the temperature of cooling. For the freezing room of the small cold storage, shelving rack pipe or wall pipe and pipe jacking can be used. The wall pipe or pipe jacking is usually used for cold storage to prevent the goods from air drying. Air cooler usually used if there is no air-drying problem of the cold storage.
  5. For the industrial water chiller evaporator with low evaporating temperature, it should be noted that the influence of the height of the refrigerant liquid column on the evaporating temperature of the chiller is very important. The lower the evaporation temperature, the greater the influence the liquid column produced. Therefore, certain measures should be adopted to reduce the height of the liquid column in the evaporator.

What should be paid attention to before the screw chiller is used?

Screw type chiller is widely used in many industries, such as chemical industry, food industry, construction industry, medicine industry, etc. It mainly provides technological frozen water for large-scale cold demand occasions, so as to realize the effect of cooling. But after we buy a screw type chiller, the first thing we face is the problem of using the screw chiller. So what should we pay attention to before using the screw chiller?

After the screw chiller is installed, we should check whether the electrical system is connected properly. Generally, the power supply of the unit is 3-phase 380V 50HZ. When the user is connected to the power supply, it should be performed strictly according to the nameplate instruction on the chiller.

Check screw water chillers and cooling towers, circulating water pump, heat preservation water tank, and whether the connection between pipes of cooled equipment is properly matched. Especially the pipe size, should be installed according to the throat size of screw chillers. Absolutely do not shrink pipe size, otherwise it is easy to cause the water chiller high pressure overload, which will influence the refrigeration effect, or even increase power consumption.

Confirm whether the valves between the refrigeration equipment are open, whether the water flowing into the heat preservation water tank and cooling water tower is smooth. And check whether there is leakage between the pipelines, and whether the frozen water pipe is covered with insulation cotton as required, etc. Especially there is a film inside the circulating pump, which will affect the use if you don’t take it off.