water chiller used in food microwave equipment

Water chiller used in emulsion microwave drying equipment, latex sheet production line, rubber microwave vulcanization, food microwave drying sterilization equipment, medical microwave equipment, chemical drying equipment, honeycomb ceramic drying equipment and box-type microwave these equipment, which can improve the cooling speed and beautify the appearance of products.

The cold water cooler is rolled out by the assembly line. The chiller use 10℃ cold air directly blown on the product, which can make product immediately cool down. Do like this, we can improve the efficiency and reduce the cost.

Lisheng water chiller has features like strong and hardwearing, delicate appearance , microcomputer board controller, temperature accuracy ±0.5 ℃. The product defect rate will never increase due to the large temperature error. High and low pressure gauge will be Real-time control to ensure normal operation of chillers.

The chiller directly converts the cold air of 5-25℃ into 18000 m3 /H large blower. The high air volume, low dryness sound and the sub-chiller of the engine will bring the full cooling capacity out, which can help users save energy and electricity.

We have fast and safe logistics transportation, our water chillers can be sold worldwide. Lisheng water chiller has been distributed in a great number of industries, such as food, chemical, electronics, plastics, electroplating and so on.

You can do free on-site exploration, and custom-made unique cooling solutions will be offered to you. Orders are welcomed.