The installation of energy saving cold storage has become a new development direction of refrigeration industry

It is understood that the installation of cold storage has become a landscape in the refrigeration industry. Cold storage installation companies and construction companies are nothing new. Large and small refrigeration companies have sprung up, but the variety of cold storage installation companies, there is no doubt that it will   cause a lot of hidden dangers in refrigeration market. And it also brings users troubles. So the problem is what kind of company is better? High costs company or low costs company? This has also been a problem for many professional firms, as users are generally found to be choosing companies that are less expensive. That’s the reason why there are more and more counterfeits and refurbished machines coming out among the market. This is not only bad for the economic interests of customers, but also leads to the chaos of the refrigeration market.

At present, it is mainly used in fruit and vegetable producing areas, vegetable bases in the suburbs of large and medium-sized cities, pharmaceutical industry and food industry and so on, such as Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang as well as Hubei, Henan and other places. There is also a greater demand for cold storage at major transport ports. The development of agricultural industrialization has accelerated the rapid development of deep processing of agricultural products, fine processing of food and refrigeration industry. At the same time, the requirements on the storage tonnage, scale and form are becoming higher and higher. With the progress of science technology and the development of refrigeration industry, new cold storage mode is adopted in food producing processing and storage. It replaces the construction mode and operation style of the original frozen storeroom building with the new architectural concept of standardization, modularization and factory.

In the past few years, the most impressive keyword in our mind is energy efficiency. With the rapid development of the frozen storage industry, it went with the flow and constantly strengthened its own technology research and development power. Focus on developing and producing energy efficient products. For the cold storage industry, investment in cryogenic storage should be increased. We should improve the industrial chain of ultralow temperature cold storage as soon as possible, master and improve related technology, take the lead in launching influential products and brands. High-efficiency technology products have become the leading direction of future development, so the innovation of energy-saving technology has become the invariable development theme of the frozen storage industry.

The large amount of electricity consumption and energy dissipation are unacceptable to users. Therefore, the editor is here to remind everyone that we should not only pay attention to the current construction price instead of ignoring the later operation cost, which is the very big cost during the using process of the frozen storage.