Rapid development of water chiller industry

With the progress of the era, the industrial technology is changing with each passing day. The emergence of more and more new technologies equipment is constantly promoting the development of industrial science and technology, thus facilitating the upgrading of industrial equipment. According to market research result, the demand for industrial water coolers will increase exponentially in the coming years. As early as 2010, the total market demand had already reached 20 million units when the industrial chiller system had been reformed. Industrial chillers are mainly used for injection molding and blow molding in plastics industry, metal cutting, welding equipment, die casting and gas cooling, etc. In addition, it also can be used for cooling high thermal energy, such as nuclear magnetic resonance imaging and laser specialized engineering projects.

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The refrigeration device of industrial cold water chiller can provide -30℃ chilled water and precursors according to customers’ demand. This makes it widely used in electroplating, chemical, plastics and other production line cooling and where the production process needs cooling water. Taking the production of plastic products as an example, if the parts of plastic products such as TV sets, washing machines and mobile phones fail to cool down in time during the production process, the degree of surface finish and appearance qualification rate of the products will be directly affected, thereby affect the producing efficiency, producing cost and enterprise profit.

Hence, the demand for industrial water coolers there is extremely great . And the producing of the chiller inevitably needs to be matched with the high-quality chiller controller. Different types of chiller require different chiller controllers. High quality controller can improve work efficiency and reduce maintenance cost. High quality controller can improve work efficiency and reduce maintenance cost.


Industry experts believe that the main factors affected the industrial chiller market in 2018 are: policy, industrial macroeconomic, domestic demand and enterprise competitiveness. Among them, the real estate policies, energy conservation and emission reduction policies have a greater impact on industrial chiller. In terms of domestic demand, the rapid growth of the market demand of central air-conditioning will also drive the increase of output value of industrial chiller, chiller controller and other equipment manufacturers in the future. As far as employment environment, although many foreign brands are earlier than domestic enterprises in this field, in recent years with the continuous growth of domestic industrial chiller companies such as Kanglong, the price and service advantages of domestic products will gradually show and occupy a wider market.

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We have understood the application of related chillers in various industries as well as the advantages and disadvantages through the above information. With the development of technology, more specific chillers will be put into industrial production as soon as possible.