Price of air cooler

In the tough time of the economy, if enterprises want to survive, they must do their best to open source while shrink and save resources.It’s such a difficult thing! So the first sentence for most customers call to inquire is: how much is xxHP cold water machine? I can understand users very well as a senior salesman of Lisheng cold water chiller. If you can buy a chiller for 9,000 yuan to solve the production problem, you can’t pay 10,000 yuan for the same model.

If we just consider price factor to decide which chiller to buy, it will bring us a lot of trouble such as high electricity charges, frequent failure repair, the most terrible is can not find the original manufacturer to repair the machine. So a good chiller is expected to be used up to ten years. Stable quality, low energy consumption , less maintenance cost , manufacturers should be on call at any time, these composite factors all should be considered while choosing a chiller.

If you really want to reduce costs with guaranteed quality, this open water cooler meets your requirements. Because the shell of cold water chiller is removed: firstly its cost has been reduced, secondly heat dissipation has been improved. Orders are welcomed.