Lisheng refrigeration explains you the importance of heat exchanger for chiller

Heat exchanger is an important and indispensable device for water chiller. The heat transfer effect of the heat exchanger can directly affect the weight, volume, operation characteristics and economy of the chiller. The condenser and evaporator are the indispensable heat exchanger of the chiller, it is also the most vital component.

Lisheng’s water chiller adopts international big brands: original factory produced compressor from Dajin, Valley Wheel and Denfoss, frozen accessories from Denfoss and American Aike. The self-produced condenser and evaporator are full enough, loaded with 99.9% efficiency copper content. Internal and external threads, increased the heat transfer area by 20%. High specification of the preparation, solid technology accomplished Lisheng water chiller’s quality of high-efficiency, energy-saving and stable. Long-term use can reduce energy consumption by 20% for users.