Factory’s first choice! Lisheng module chiller – never retired cooling equipment

From this year on, due to the continuous expansion of the cold water chiller market, as well as the continuous improvement of product technology and the constant expansion of personalized demands, the requirements for cold water chiller manufacturers are more and more refined and strict. Today we are going to tell you about the advantages of the module chiller. If you need further consultation, please contact us by phone.

Application fields

Module chillers are widely used in plastic products (injection molding, extrusion rolling, blow bottle), chemical industry, electroplating, vacuum coating, ultrasonic cleaning, printing, numerical control, food preservation, laser engraving, hydraulic, powder plant, reaction kettle, electronic manufacturing, medicine and other industries.


Compressor, evaporator, condenser, electrical control, drying filter

Advantages of module chiller:

  1. Efficient. It is composed of several modules, which can be cooled at the same time, with fast cooling speed, high precision temperature, short product cycle and good product quality.
  2. Durable. Multiple modules can work interchangeably, which greatly reduces the problem of wear and energy consumption compared with single modules.
  3. Production line normal operation.  It is composed of several modules, if one of the groups has refrigeration problems, the other groups can continue to refrigerate as usual, so the production line will not be affected and the production output canl be guaranteed.
  4. Safe. Disperse the single refrigerating power to reduce the load.

Water-cooled module chiller is required to be equipped with a water tower.

Air – cooled module chiller can be used alone.