cold oil machine

Application: food, medicine, chemical industry, leather, rubber, surface treatment, laser CNC and other fields


Compressor: the scroll type unit uses the internationally renowned brand fully closed flexible scroll compressor. The scroll disc axial and radial adopts the flexible design. The compressor is equipped with the built-in protector, the independent modularization design, realizes the free combination of capacity. It is easy to use and has high reliability. Low temperature type apply with special compressor, its spiral plate thickened, and it has independent oil design.

Condensate system

American hydraulic tube expansion technology makes copper tube fit closely with aluminum through mechanical expansion pipe. Matching with the American marr external rotor motor, which has high air volume and low noise , and can achieve the purpose of efficient heat transfer.

Evaporation system

There are several types of evaporator: Shell and coil evaporator, Stainless steel coil evaporator, Copper coil evaporator, Plastic shell plate evaporator. We can select the corresponding evaporator according to the customer's different process.

Oil pump

Oil pump: the internal stainless steel pump is a well-known domestic brand with stable performance. It’s bearing is an imported brand with low vibration and noise, and the mechanical seal is guaranteed not to damage the axis and will not leak water.

Controller and electrical components

Control system: Microcomputer intelligent control system coordinates with the internationally known electrical components to provide absolute guarantee for the stable operation of the unit. Microcomputer intelligent controller is a system that it can set the temperature automatically start/stop, and accurately control temperature . This controller users can set the parameters by themselves, and display the operation state, temperature, breakdown and other functions.

Refrigeration system

Refrigerating valve parts: the refrigerating valve parts adopt European and American brand products, with reliable performance, accurate control and efficient energy saving.

Oil system valve

Chilled oil system: Each gadget is vital to ensure that the chilled oil system is unimpeded.

Detail 1 :

Detail 2 :
shell welding

Detail 3 :
Electrical wiring

Detail 4 :
dry filter fixation

Detail 5 :
Manometer capillary

Detail 6 :
Copper pipe welding

Detail 6 :
Copper pipe welding

Detail 7 : Copper tube fixation

Water chiller is a kind of precision refrigeration equipment. And the perfect coordination of each part can give play to the best working efficiency of the unit and long-term high efficiency and stability. At this point, a prominent technical team is critical. Technical personnel will use their years of professional qualities and practice to listen to all the requirements of customers. They will choose the most reasonable and practical solution, select the most suitable accessories, and finally deliver the most satisfied product to customers.

Zhejiang LISHENG utilizes its technological advantages and regional control advantages , integrates the resources of well-known global suppliers, adheres to the management core concept of "T, E, Q, S" (technology, energy conservation, quality and service) to make contributions to scientific enterprise management. Lisheng continuously research and develop "environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency" products. We have formed extremely competitive products structure featured by air cooler dryer, desiccant air dryer, air source heat pump, grain cooler, seafood machine, cold oil machine, air cooler, low temperature cooler(0-40℃), cascade cooler unit(-40-75℃), anti-explosive anti-corrosion cooler unit, cold storage, cooler tower and oil vapor recovery unit, etc.
Zhejiang Lisheng has professional dedicated staff team, adheres to the customer oriented management idea. Striving to achieve the perfect combination of products and customer demand, to provide customers optimized solutions and products, to establish leadership gradually in industries or fields of chemical, chemical fiber, plastics, pharmaceutical, food, military, printing, farming, plant cooling, water source utilization and commercial central air conditioning etc.
Additionally, Lisheng aims at establish the evening sales, service network in the mainland of China , and provide users with fast, excellent technical solutions and product services.
Zhengjiang Lisheng is always working on the application of the latest cooling technology in product practice, persisting in taking products’ stability, and energy saving as the first element of product design. Providing our customers high quality products and services for customers is the basis of enterprises.

Industrial cold oil machine
①Application scope :
-Mechanical and electrical spindle of CNC machine
-Hydraulic station and lubrication station of CNC machine tools, oil press and various mechanical equipment
-Process liquid cooling of electro erosion plant
-The lubrication and cooling system of the reduction gearbo

②Functions and features:
-The control system adopts LCD computer controller in all Chinese (or English), which is simple and intuitive to operate
-Control methods are divided into "fixed temperature" and "room temperature coadjustment", which can be selected by users according to actual needs
-Provide a variety of protection power and passive alarm to feedback fault signals to the CNC numerical control system, to protect the machine and avoid damage
-Provide external starting , which is easy to realize the linkage control between machine tool and oil cooler
-Prevent the spindle of CNC machine from changing oil temperature to affect machining accuracy
-Prevent deviation or thermal deformation of the spindle center of CNC machine tools to extend the service life of the machine

-Cooling capacity is determined at working conditions that ambient temperature is 35 ℃, oil inlet temperature is 35 ℃, oils VG32
-Safety protection function: inverse phase, and default phase protection; Compressor and oil pump motor overload relay protection; Compressor internal overheating protection; High pressure abnormal protection of refrigeration system; Environmental temperature, oil temperature and oil pressure abnormal protection, etc
-The computer controller combine the constant temperature mode and different temperature mode coadjustment. And the same controller has two temperature control functions. Lower limit temperature is 20 ℃.
-Generally, BU/BK/BH oil cooler can be used for cooling the hydraulic station or the principle axis separately. If the axis and gear box are cooled at the same time, the BHT oil cooler can be used.
-This series of units have both cold and hot functions of R models to be chose
-The maximum oil output pressure in the specification table refers to the maximum oil output pressure of the oil cooler that the company is commissioning. If the oil output pressure needs to be greater than 1.5mpa, please offer it with order
-There is no filter in this product. Please install 100 mesh filters at the inlet during installation and use. It is not recommended to install filters at the outlet
-Water soluble liquid, flammable liquid and corrosive liquid are prohibited in this device
-The inlet vacuum oil pressure should be kept below 0.3mpa, and the outlet pipe resistance should be kept under 0.3mpa
-A distance of not less than 100mm shall be reserved at the suction inlet of the air during installation, and a space of not less than 300mm at the hot air outlet
-When selecting oil cooler to connect oil pipe, please select the oil pipe whose diameter is consistent with that of oil cooler interface. The length should not be too long, otherwise the noise of oil cooler will obviously increase.

After-sales service

Any problems will be solved in 24 hours
1、After delivery of the equipment, our professional staff will come to the site to guide the installation and commissioning (free of charge), and give simple technical training to user officer.
2、The equipment sold by our company has one year free warranty. During the warranty period, the replacement and maintenance of spare parts are free of charge, but all abnormal damages of the equipment are not covered by the warranty. The buyer shall pay for the replacement of parts.
3、Beyond the free warranty period, when the equipment is damaged, the buyer shall pay the replacement cost (calculated according to the purchase price of materials).
4、In the process of using the equipment, if the machine fails, the user department should cut off the power supply and notify our service department orally or in writing. Our company will provide the solution and notify the buyer within 24 hours after receiving the notice.
5、We will provide you the best service within 24 hours. Our engineers have received a variety of technical training, they have superb technology. sincerely service for you!