closed cooling tower

Counter-current type
Product feature:
Closed cooling tower(counter-current type) - product characteristics
The working fluid (soft water or other liquid) circulates in the coil of the closed cooling tower. It forms saturated moist and hot steam with water and air, and the heat is discharged into the atmosphere through fan, while the water returns to water circulation tank to spry. The spray water reduces the heat through PVC during circulation process, and forms the reverse flow of air and water with fresh air.

-Adopt cross flow type cooling method, efficient dehydrator, low floating rate of water ;
-The cooling medium is closed and circulates without impurities to ensure the purity of the medium.
-Circulating water USES softened water, does not form scale, does not block the pipeline;
-Circulating water uses softened water, will not scaling or clog up pipes;
-Spray water completely wet the outside wall of the condenser, avoiding the formation of scale at the dry point, and improve the system efficiency to the maximum extent;
-Small floor space and can move/place discretionarily according to demands,
and low cost of maintenance;
-The closed cross-flow cooling tower is an anti-freezing and energy saving cooling tower. When the temperature is low in the northern region or the equipment is not running, the water in the condenser should be drained and anti-freeze solution should be added to ensure that the equipment will not be damaged by freezing;
-Automatic digital temperature control, energy conservation and environmental protection

Closed cooling tower(counter-current type) - technical parameter table
LSBT series closed counter-current cooling tower, is suitable for the refrigeration of water, oil and quench liquid in the industries of forging, casting, electronics and food etc. The product structure is simple, compact, beautiful, and it is easy to maintain.(In 2013, our company independently developed the primary voltage of 380V, 660V, 1140V and explosion-proof type coal safety certificate series products to meet the special industrial application of deep coal mine)

The pictures and technical parameters in the sample are for reference only. Our company reserves the right to revise the product appearance and technical parameters for continuous improvement.

Heat transfer steel pipe uses international standard T2 deacidification copper tube and stainless steel tube, with few welding spot and silver base welding electrode. The spray water is drenched on the coil pipe by the spray system pump through the water distribution system and the sprinkler nozzle. Some of the water evaporates, sucking away heat, thereby reducing the temperature of the working fluid in the pipe. The water in the hot air and the unevaporated water are trapped in the air grid and flow through the PVC heat exchange level. Water in the PVC heat exchange level is cooled by the air passing through it, its temperature drops, falls into the water tray underneath. And this water will be recirculated by the pump into the water distribution system, which is then showered back on the coil pipe. That’s how to do the circulating cooling.

Wind turbines The motor shell is made of aluminum alloy (good heat dissipation performance). It adopts high-quality imported ball bearing, which has low vibration, low noise and long life. The fan blade is also made of aluminum alloy, and the blade body is equipped with reinforcing bars, so that the blade has higher strength and greatly improves the yield rate of production. With light weight of blade itself and high utilization efficiency of wind energy, it not only has practical economic value, but also has good social benefits, which is conducive to environmental protection and energy conservation.

Water distributor is a key part in cooling tower. Its role is to distribute water evenly on the packing material, increase the water-air contact interface, vaporize part of water, take away heat, and reduce water temperature.

Grille The air inlet grille effectively prevents water splashing and dust, prevents direct sunlight from entering the spray tank, prevents algae growth in the tank and ensures water quality in the spray tank. With the air deceleration zone, the suction direction can be directed to the fan at the same time. And the loss can be limited to the range of 0.002% of the total circulation.

Aluminium zinc plate  The corrosion resistance of aluminum - zinc plate produced by Shanghai Baogang is 2-4 times better than galvanized sheet.

Water collector is a device that can eliminate a large number of small water droplets drifting in the hot and humid air of the cooling tower, avoid water mist pollution and icing to the surrounding environment, save water and protect the environment. Practice has proved that the design of dry water collector is advanced, with remarkable effect, reliable quality, easy installation and long service life.

Water tank: 304 stainless steel expansion tank, beautiful and clean.

Electric cabinet
Intelligent, safe, stable and precise control

Spray pump
High flow and low hydraulic head, energy saving and high efficiency

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