cascade low temperature cooler unit

Application: food, medicine, chemical industry, leather, rubber, surface treatment, laser CNC and other fields

Compressor: the scroll type unit uses the internationally renowned brand fully closed flexible scroll compressor. The scroll disc axial and radial adopts the flexible design. The compressor is equipped with the built-in protector, the independent modularization design, realizes the free combination of capacity. It is easy to use and has high reliability. Low temperature type apply with special compressor, its spiral plate thickened, and it has independent oil design.

American hydraulic tube expansion technology makes copper tube fit closely with aluminum through mechanical expansion pipe. Matching with the American marr external rotor motor, which has high air volume and low noise , and can achieve the purpose of efficient heat transfer.

There are several types of evaporator: Shell and coil evaporator, Stainless steel coil evaporator, Copper coil evaporator, Plastic shell plate evaporator. We can select the corresponding evaporator according to the customer's different process.

Control system: Microcomputer intelligent control system coordinates with the internationally known electrical components to provide absolute guarantee for the stable operation of the unit. Microcomputer intelligent controller is a system that it can set the temperature automatically start/stop, and accurately control temperature . This controller users can set the parameters by themselves, and display the operation state, temperature, breakdown and other functions.

Refrigerating valve parts: the refrigerating valve parts adopt European and American brand products, with reliable performance, accurate control and efficient energy saving.

Chilled water system: Each gadget is vital to ensure that the chilled water system is unimpeded.

Detail 1 :

Heat preservation

Detail 2 :

Tank shell welding

Detail 3 :

Electrical wiring

Detail 4 :

dry filter fixation

Detail 5 :

Manometer capillary

Detail 6 :

Copper pipe welding

Detail 7 :

Copper tube fixation

The chiller is a kind of precision refrigeration equipment. And the perfect coordination of each part can give play to the best working efficiency of the unit and long-term high efficiency and stability. At this point, a prominent technical team is critical. Technical personnel will use their years of professional qualities and practice to listen to all the requirements of customers. They will choose the most reasonable and practical solution, select the most suitable accessories, and finally deliver the most satisfied product to customers.

Application of Cascade cooler units

Range: pharmaceutical, synthesis, hydrolysis, esterification, etherification and other processes that require temperature control.

Chemical industry: oil and gas recovery, gas liquefaction, crystallization and purification, essence purification, rubber crushing.

Food: cold storage

Metal treatment: low temperature quenching

Electronics: environmental testing of components

Aerospace: component environmental testing

Transportation: refrigerated tunnels

Prominent feature:

Adopt the unique logic control program to make run more stable, quality more reliable. And we used the most advanced oil recovery technology with no  cool attenuation . Large operating space, easy to maintain.

Product series:

Cascade low temperature chiller unit (water outlet temperature - 35 ℃-120 ℃. Refrigerating capacity is 5 kw-1100 kw).

At the same time, we can design and manufacture all kinds of non-standard refrigerating units.

-Each set of refrigeration units is based on the user's specific requirements of refrigerating capacity and performance to ensure performance and reliability.

-Select imported well-known brands of compressors, such as Bizer, Wheel, Siemens, Danfoss

-Single or double stage compressor is used

-Single - stage, double - stage or cascade-stage refrigeration system

-Adopt the internal pressure difference oil supply lubrication system without pump, which is energy saving, efficient and reliable.

-Select the control components such as thermodynamic expansion valve, solenoid valve and one-way valve of international famous brands to ensure the efficient and reliable operation of the unit within a wide range of working conditions

-A liquid refrigerant injection system is provided at low temperature to effectively reduce the working load and exhaust temperature of key components and improve the working reliability of the compressor

-It has functions of hot gas bypass, energy regulation and complete automatic protection (over voltage, over temperature, overload, inversion, etc.)

-Large systems use open screw compressor with few moving parts and long service life of bearing: medium and small systems use single-stage semi-closed piston compressor or two-stage screw compressor

-The compressor is started with star delta voltage dropping under the minimum load, which can effectively reduce the starting current and impact on the power grid

-The product will be manufactured with refrigerant after comprehensive test and full load operation test, and the equipment can be started up after water and electricity are in place

Cascade chiller units high efficiency--

-Some heat exchangers are made of stainless steel plate to provide maximum heat transfer area in compact space

-The screw compressor is adopted, and the economic device is arranged to make the system more efficient -- arrange prominent oil filter. The normal work of the compressor and the efficient heat exchanger are effectively guaranteed.

-The special arrangement of heat exchange pipe of evaporator and liquid feed by separate circuit ensures good oil return

Automatic control of cascade chiller unit--

-A new control logic is developed for the system. The validated Siemens automatic control system is used to warn the key parameters of the system

-One button starts up and stops automatically, and automatically increases or decreases the load

-It adopts high-precision large-screen touch screen, industrial-grade intelligent controller and advanced computer control system, connects with external equipment. Remote user and control room can realize the following control functions through standard interface:

(1) multiple protection: compressor exhaust overtemperature, motor overtemperature, cold water anti-freezing and other temperature protection: over current, default phase, inverse phase these electrical protection: high and low pressure, oil level, water break and other special state protection of the refrigerant system.

(2) necessary alarm, prompt, record, retrieval and other maintenance and management functions can be set for the above protection functions

(3) automatic switcher, automatically realize no-man operation management according to the scheduled work plan

(4) multiple password Settings to ensure that the equipment will not be shut down or damaged due to accidental factors

(5) realize remote data collection, operation check and control, fault diagnosis and other management functions through LAN or NTERNET

Cascade chiller units features:

-Independent refrigeration system design, multi-head unit relatively independent, moving parts reduced to the minimum, reliable operation!

-The imported high efficiency economical type semi-closed or open double screw compressor has higher energy efficiency ratio, reliable operation and long life

-Can achieve grading or non-grade energy adjustment, flexible control, efficient and easy to maintain

-The compressor is equipped with a patented exhaust air purifier to ensure the low-noise operation of the unit

-Vent check valves are installed to prevent rotor reversal during shutdown

-The flexible adjustable design can make the unit continuously adjust energy (stepless adjustable) between 25% and 100%, guarantee the performance of the compressor and help the user save the running cost to the greatest extent

-Condenser: the cleanable water cooling condenser adopts the enhanced heat exchange pipe with an external diameter of 19mm (external help of the inner fin), which is expanded and connected to the tube plate. The design pressure on the water side is 10bar, and the design pressure on the fluorine side is 25bar. Safety valve is provided to ensure the safety of the equipment.

-Evaporator: dry direct expansion evaporator is adopted. Fluorine flows inside the strengthened heat exchanger tube. Design pressure on the water side is 10bar, design pressure on the fluorine side is 25bar.

-The evaporator outer packing 40-60mm thick soft closed rubber sponge insulation material, effectively prevent the evaporator and machine room outside air heat transfer, reduce energy loss.

-The condensing evaporator adopts dry direct expansion evaporator, and the cold side flows inside the strengthened heat exchanger tube. The design pressure is 16bar, while the hot side is inside the shell, and the design pressure is 25bar. The insulation material of 40mm thick rubber sponge with soft closed hole in the shell can effectively prevent heat transfer from the outside air and reduce energy loss.

-Electrical control: all components of the starting and control of the unit are installed in the electric cabinet, connected by the factory and completed functional test.

-Electrical control includes: touch screen, Siemens PLC controller, main contactor, plastic case circuit breaker, etc. The equipment is equipped with emergency stop device separately, which ensures the safety of operators. Water flow switch: the equipment is equipped with 2 target water flow switches when leaving the factory, which is connected with cooling water and chilled water pipeline, ensuring the automatic shutdown of the equipment under the condition of water break or water shortage.

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After-sales service

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1、After delivery of the equipment, our professional staff will come to the site to guide the installation and commissioning (free of charge), and give simple technical training to user officer.
2、The equipment sold by our company has one year free warranty. During the warranty period, the replacement and maintenance of spare parts are free of charge, but all abnormal damages of the equipment are not covered by the warranty. The buyer shall pay for the replacement of parts.
3、Beyond the free warranty period, when the equipment is damaged, the buyer shall pay the replacement cost (calculated according to the purchase price of materials).
4、In the process of using the equipment, if the machine fails, the user department should cut off the power supply and notify our service department orally or in writing. Our company will provide the solution and notify the buyer within 24 hours after receiving the notice.
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